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European Parliament told: Don’t meddle in drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday hit back again at the European Parliament for “meddling” in Philippine affairs, saying his bloody drug war is part of his mandate to “protect” and “preserve” the Filipino nation. AP/Jean-Francois Badias

MANILA, Philippines - President Duterte yesterday hit back again at the European Parliament for “meddling” in Philippine affairs, saying his bloody drug war is part of his mandate to “protect” and “preserve” the Filipino nation.

He also warned his critics that he would insult them if they again raised human rights violations in his drug war.

Duterte’s latest tirade came after the European Parliament on Friday issued a joint resolution calling for the release of Sen. Leila de Lima, who was arrested on Feb. 24 on drug charges. De Lima, a human rights lawyer, is one of the vocal critics of Duterte and his drug war.

“If you have carnival there, fine, you go ahead. But what I have is illegal drugs. I’m trying to protect my country. I’m trying to stay loyal to the oath of office, to protect and preserve the Filipino nation,” Duterte told reporters at the Horizon Lake View Hotel in Myanmar after he met with the Filipino community there on Sunday evening.

“I do not need to read the Constitution about martial law, about suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, far from it. Actually all I have to do is just to remember my oath and I would do anything to protect the Filipino and preserve my nation. That’s my job,” he added.

He also said the European Parliament cannot impose on sovereign nations like the Philippines.

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“Do not impose your culture or your belief in what would be a government in this planet. Do not impose on other countries, especially us. Their favorites are Asian countries because there is death penalty in Indonesia, in Malaysia and I am trying to revive it (in the Philippines). As if the other countries in the EU, there is no death penalty. But there are still many,” he added.

“Itong mga buang na ito (these crazy people), why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your business? Why do you have to f*** with us, God damn it!” he added.

Duterte also cited a better relationship between the Philippines and the United States under President Donald Trump.

He said compared to the presidency of Barack Obama, Trump understands his campaign against illegal drugs. 

“I think we’re headed for something that is very… an understanding platform for both countries. You see, Donald Trump is a realist. He is a guy who knows what is real, what is not and he does not engage in theories. And even in the matter of human rights, he takes into account everything,” Duterte said.

“The view of the United States and the rest of maybe the EU countries are far different from the Orientals. And they are… at face value, what they are now saying is that do you want everybody to follow,” he added. 

Duterte vowed he is ready to face accountability over his drug war – but only on actions related to his call. 

“I said I have made my admissions and I bind myself to it. But certainly, killing other sectors who are not at all connected with… You must be an insane person to do that. I’m just interested in going after the drug guys,” he added.

Rody: I’m on right track

Duterte also warned that anyone who dares talk about human rights with him will be insulted. 

“If you utter those things (human rights) in my presence, you’ll get an insult,” the President said over the weekend before he left for Myanmar.

He boasted that so far, no one has ever dared discuss human rights with him.

There was no mention about human rights issues during his meeting with Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in Davao City last week.

“Nobody, not even the United States, ever opened up the human rights in front of me,” he said.

He also claimed that when it comes to human rights, “I am on the right track.”

Meanwhile, the Commission on Human Rights announced yesterday the continuation of their probe on the Davao death squad (DDS) after retired Davao City policeman Arthur Lascañas bared Duterte’s links to the killings committed by the DDS.

“Even if Lascañas’ motive for implicating the former mayor (Duterte) in the Davao death squad has been put to question, especially by Sen. Manny Pacquiao during the March 6, 2017 Senate hearing, the testimony itself is too compelling and detailed to ignore,” CHR Commissioner Roberto Eugenio Cadiz said in a statement yesterday. – With Christina Mendez, Edith Regalado, Rainier Allan Ronda

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