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Erring cops’ Mindanao transfer part of police revamp

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) clarified yesterday that the erring policemen sent to Mindanao as penalty for their misbehavior were reassigned as part of the reorganization in the police force and were not dumped or tinapon to their new posts.

PNP spokesman Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos said the policemen were sent to Mindanao to help patrol towns to fill up the security vacuum left by the redeployment of soldiers conducting operations against the Abu Sayyaf group.

He said the police officers were supposed to go to reformatory school in Subic but President Duterte instead ordered their transfer to Mindanao.

“We don’t say dumped, they were transferred to guard the towns because the AFP personnel has to go after ASG. Some police stations are in need of additional policemen,” he added.

National Capital Regional Police (NCRPO) chief Director Oscar Albayade said the policemen sent to Mindanao should not be labeled as “scalawags” but only erring cops.

“They were supposed to go to reformatory school since transfer of reassignment is part of regular activity in the police organization. However, the commander-in-chief ordered their transfer to Basilan,” said Carlos.

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Almost 200 erring policemen defied the order for deployment in Mindanao.


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