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Palace: Invitation to UN special rapporteur already sent out

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said an invitation has already been sent  to UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard for her to investigate allegations of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. File photo

MANILA, Philippines -- Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Monday that an invitation for the United Nations to come to the Philippines to look into allegations of extrajudicial killings has already been sent out.

"What we do have is for the office of the special rapporteur. At this stage, it's for Agnes Callamard, the special rapporteur of the United Nations," Abella said. Callamard is special rapporteur on extra-judicial,  summary or arbitrary executions.

UN special rapporteurs usually conduct investigations on allegations of human rights violations. They may only investigate in countries that have invited them.

In several of his speeches, President Rodrigo Duterte invited the UN special rapporteur, representatives of the European Union and US President Barrack Obama to visit the Philippines and do their own investigations regarding drug-related killings.

Duterte has said, however, that he is ready to humiliate them in a debate on human rights.

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"Come here. Investigate me. But give me also the right to be heard. So I will have to ask you questions after questioning me. I’ll let them play into my hands,” Duterte said at a business event in Pasay last week. 

“I’m very sure they can never be brighter than me. Believe me,” he added.

Callamard meanwhile, took to social media to say that she accepts the invitation to go to the Philippines.

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Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea has forwarded the formal invitation to Callamard dated September 26.

However, Abella said that the government has not yet received a formal response.

Abella also said that he will confirm if the Office of the President has any plans to send an invitation to the US and the EU.

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