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Duterte: Revolutionary gov't 'if Congress will make it hard for me'

Duterte, who considers himself a socialist, has been promising to minimize crime and to get rid of corruption if elected president. Philstar.com / Efigenio Toledo IV, file

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned he would declare a revolutionary government if elected and if Congress will not support his program of crafting “a new country.”

Duterte issued this warning during at the packed Mayor Agan Coliseum here on Monday night.

The mayor, who has been leading in pre-election surveys, also called on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Moro National Liberation Front to stand down and to not bear arms until after the elections.

Both rebel groups have signed separate peace agreements with the Philippine government.

He said he has talked with the leaders of MILF, whom he said were disgusted about the outcome of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, about addressing the problem “instead of killing each other because we are all Filipinos.” Passage of the BBL has been stalled in both houses of Congress.

“Give me time. If I win, ‘Insha'Allah’ (God willing), I will craft a new country. There must be one nation, one government. Let us not kill each other we don’t need that,” Duterte said.

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He said that law and order must be firmly established in the "new country." He said he is not asking for a year or months, but only weeks for the change.

“But if the Congress will make it hard for me, I will declare a revolutionary government,” Duterte said. “They have to watch out. I really intend to solve the corruption.”

The leading presidential contender also accused the present administration of being unable to address the country’s problems, which has led to desperation among the people.

“Ang tao, gustong baliktarin ang gobyerno, sawang-sawa na sa corruption,” Duterte said.

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