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'Traslacion' injury toll grows to 1,253, says Red Cross

The number of injured devotees continue to rise as the Black Nazarene procession continues. Philstar.com/Efigenio Toledo IV 

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED 4:46 p.m.) – The number of injured devotees continues to rise as crowd had swelled to a million on Saturday's annual Traslacion or procession of the Black Nazarene.

Based on the record of Philippine Red Cross (PRC), the number of patients they have assisted as of 4 p.m. is now 1,253. There were 1,056 patients added in just six hours, since their last update at 10:30 a.m. 

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From the five major injuries this morning, PRC has now recorded 44 major injuries and 494 minor injuries.

Of the 1,056 patients, 670 devotees had their blood pressure level checked. Thirteen patients meanwhile were transported to nearby hospitals and 32 others were given minor assistance.

Earlier, authorities reported a casualty involving a 27-year-old man who suffered from seizure while resting on a sidewalk after he and a companion joined the procession.

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A 50-year-old man who fainted and hit his head on the ground was also reported dead even before the Traslacion started.

The image of the Black Nazarene is expected to reach Quiapo Church by 4:00 a.m. of January 10.

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