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Iglesia ni Cristo expels leader's mother, brother

Angel (left) and Tenny (right) Manalo, brother and mother of Iglesia ni Cristo executive minister Eduardo Manalo, recently released a video claiming that their lives were in danger. YouTube screengrab/David Romero

MANILA, Philippines - Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on Thursday announced that the mother and brother of executive minister Eduardo Manalo will be expelled.

Tenny and Angel Manalo recently released a video asking for help, claiming that their lives are in danger.

Tenny, the widow of INC former executive minister Eraño "Erdy" Manalo, also claimed that some of the religious group's ministers have been abducted.

"Saklolohan ninyo ang aking mga anak na sina Angel at Lottie at ang kanilang mga kasama," Tenny said in the video.

The elder Manalo also called on her son Eduardo, the current INC executive minister, to talk to her.

In a press conference, INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago denied Tenny and Angel's claims and accused them of trying to gain sympathy to get back in power.

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Santiago stressed that INC is a religious group and not a corporation. He added that Tenny and Angel both violated the regulations of the religion.

The INC official did not confirm if there is a rift within the Manalo family but admitted that Tenny, Angel and Eduardo, the current INC executive minister, have not yet talked to each other.

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