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UP unveils new logo for sports teams

MANILA, Philippines - Still reeling from negative reactions to the new logo of the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons, which was leaked online last month, UP unveils today what it says is the logo for the state university’s sports teams in this year’s University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 78.

UP is this year’s UAAP host.

A highly placed source in the UP community said the “official” UP Fighting Maroons logo features a red clenched left fist with the letter M cut at the wrist. The fist is sandwiched between the letters U and P, which are presented in green. The logo is also emblazoned with the words “Fighting Maroons” in red.

According to the source, the raised red fist unifies the entire UP community in the spirit of solidarity. The logo will be officially unveiled today. 

“We are one team. The main logo highlights our institution’s unique history and tradition – catalysts for change and defenders of the people. We bring our intelligence, courage, creativity and soul into every arena. We bring it to the games,” said the source.

“The new visual identity pumps up the energy and purpose of the UP Fighting Maroons to play at their best with the whole community behind them. The mark is a rising clenched left fist. The letter M for Maroons can be seen on the wrist. We call this the “M Cut.” It is going to be present in other applications,” the source added.

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The source also clarified that according to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development – the UP-Diliman office assigned to oversee the use of UP intellectual property – there is no official logo for the UP Fighting Maroons, thus, the UP Seal is usually attached to the jerseys of student-athletes.

Moreover, the use of UP System registered trademarks like the Oblation, and sometimes the UP Seal, in UAAP broadcasts, are unofficial renditions meant to identify the UP teams. However, the source said, use of these trademarks has to be guided by the 2007 UP Brand Book.

“Therefore, especially because UP is the host of the upcoming UAAP Season 78, the concerned UP offices (Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, College of Human Kinetics and College of Fine Arts) decided to produce an official logo for the UP Fighting Maroons,” said the source, adding that the Oblation remains as the university’s internal logo.

“UP has ownership and exclusive rights to the use of the Oblation and determines how it should be used for external purposes, such as merchandising and other promotional materials,” the source said.

In the wake of the uproar caused by the “leaked” logo, the UP administration decided to tap the help of #nowheretogobutUP, a volunteer alumni group helping UP sports teams.

Working for free, the group formed the design team for the new logo. It invited varsity athletes, team coaches, students, faculty, non-academic personnel and alumni for a series of presentations, consultations and discussions.

The design team is composed of veteran television commercial director Mandy Reyes, UP College of Fine Arts Visual Communications graduate Pete Jimenez, UPCFA graduates Dan Matutina, Kay Aranzanso and Ralph Guibani, and UP College of Engineering graduate AJ Dimarucot.  


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