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Philippines sues Kuwait employer for pet lion attack

Lourdes Abejuela, who worked as for in Kuwait, died days after being attacked by her employer's pet lion. TV screencaps

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines filed a case against the employer of a Filipino overseas worker killed by a pet lion, Vice President Jejomar Binay said.

Lawyer Raul Dado, Consul General of the Philippine Embassy, filed a complaint for criminal negligence resulting in homicide against Lourdes Abejuela's employer in Kuwait, Binay said Friday.

Abejuela died days after being attacked earlier this month by a lion owned by her employer of 15 years.

She was reportedly doing laundry on the rooftop where the lion is kept. The cage was left unlocked and the lion attacked her.

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Abejuela's friend said the employer asked her not to tell the hospital and authorities what happened to her.

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"So when she was in the hospital, she was released immediately," Nieva Edullantes said in a previous report.

Under Kuwaiti law, residents are not allowed to own lions and other wild animals as pets.

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