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Grace Poe mum on 2016 plans

MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Grace Poe, a reluctant favorite in the next presidential race, played coy yesterday on whether she would run in the 2016 elections.

Poe only echoed the statements of President Aquino and his allies that the “anointed one” should be able to continue the current administration’s reforms and anti-corruption campaign.

Asked if she would be the running mate of Vice President Jejomar Binay who has expressed intention to run for president, Poe was non-committal.

“Right now, I’m not considering any particular commitment except that I think that whatever the President has started, whoever will be the candidate, should be able to continue that,” Poe said in an interview at the Manila North Cemetery.

Poe and her mother, actress Susan Roces, yesterday led the family and followers of the National Artist for film Fernando Poe Jr. at the cemetery to commemorate her father’s passing 10 years ago.

Binay was among the personalities who attended the simple ceremonies for the late actor.

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Asked what her father would have advised her regarding running for higher office if he were alive today, Poe expressed belief that he would always want her to be sincere and prepared in whatever endeavor she would pursue.

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