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Attack helicopters set for delivery

The Bangladesh Navy's AW109 Power copters. Defense.pk photo

MANILA, Philippines - The government has signed a contract with Anglo-Italian firm AgustaWestland for the delivery of eight brand new attack helicopters worth P3.44 billion.

In a statement, AgustaWestland said the delivery of the AW109 Power helicopters would start next year.

The package also includes initial logistics support and training for Air Force personnel.

The contract for the acquisition of the attack helicopters was signed last month.

“These aircraft will be used to perform a range of duties including homeland security, armed reconnaissance and close support,” the company said in a statement posted on its website.

“This contract further expands the presence of AgustaWestland in the Philippine helicopter market,” it added.

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Early this year, the company bagged a deal to supply the Philippine Navy with five AW 109 Power helicopters for P1.3 billion.

The STAR previously reported that AgustaWestland had won the bidding for the delivery of eight Air Force attack helicopters.

The notice of award was issued to the aircraft manufacturer last September.

AgustaWestland said the AW109 Power is an eight-seat twin-engine helicopter with a spacious cabin that could be fitted with a number of modular equipment packages.

The attack helicopters would be equipped with .50 caliber machineguns and rocket launchers.

AgustaWestland’s bid is P45,000 lower than the P3,441,460,000 approved budget for the project.

A financial bid, however, can be accepted as long as it falls within budget.

AgustaWestland said the helicopters to be delivered to the Air Force would feature a mission package and equipment with a combination of weapon systems.

“It gives us great pleasure to sign this contract with the Philippine Air Force, further reinforcing the already strong partnership with the Department of National Defense,” said AgustaWestland chief executive officer Daniele Romiti.

“This latest achievement provides clear evidence of the customer’s confidence in the product while we’ve demonstrated that we are a reliable partner, able to offer a cost-effective solution,“ he added.


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