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President Rodrigo Duterte has signed Executive Order 10, which seeks to create a consultative committee that will review the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

The complaint that self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato filed against President Rodrigo Duterte is only aimed to distract the chief executive from his duties, Malacañang said Friday.

BRP Andres Bonifacio, the Philippine Navy's newest ship, arrived early Friday from California, where it underwent sea trials before joining the Philippine Fleet.

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Government policies make it difficult for people at risk of HIV to get access to condoms, Human Rights Watch said in a report this week on the rising number of cases in the Philippines.

As the Philippines assumes chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for 2017, the country is expected to take the lead role in keeping the South China Sea issue on the table.

There were nine more witnesses set to testify at the public hearing of the Senate justice panel's inquiry into extrajudicial killings, but the committee chose to end the inquiry too soon, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said.

Self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato filed on Friday complaints against President Rodrigo Duterte and his son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, for the alleged crimes of murder, torture and kidnapping.

President Duterte yesterday vowed to retain the country’s Vice President until her term ends, days after she resigned from the Cabinet complaining of a “plot to steal” her position.

It is highly unlikely the government would allow the US military to use the Philippines as a springboard for freedom of navigation patrols in the disputed South China Sea to avoid antagonizing China.

Lovely Adam Impal, the alleged supplier of shabu of drug dealer Kerwin Espinosa, is no longer lovely in the eyes of drug traders, but she is getting lovelier in the eyes of the government, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said yesterday.

Out of the 3,000 fatalities labeled as death under investigation (DUI) or those killed during the five-month-old war on drugs of the Duterte administration, about 2,000 were not drug-related, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa disclosed yesterday.

A magistrate of the Supreme Court (SC) is calling on the Duterte administration to respect the rule of law in its fight against criminality.

Business heavyweights have revived calls for amending the Constitution to make the country more attractive to foreign investors.