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Fil-Brit designer scores olympic coin success

Fil-Brit Roderick Enriquez with a model of his winning design.

MANILA, Philippines –  A Filipino-British graphic designer will be part of Olympic history as his Olympic sporting design was chosen to be printed on millions of 50-pence coins.

Roderick Enriquez, 34, of Hammersmith, entered the Royal Mint’s nationwide search for 29 designs to represent the 29 sports to be contested at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

More than 30,000 people submitted designs to the biggest-ever competition held by the currency manufacturer.

Enriquez’s wrestling design – of two competitors in a wrestling hold and surrounded by a crowd – will now be immortalized on three million 50-pence coins.

“I simply cannot believe it and I am so delighted to have won. I know there were thousands upon thousands of entries submitted to this competition,” Enriquez said. “I am also pleased because I am a Filipino-British national and that is what I believe London 2012 should be about as it is hosted by people with many cultural backgrounds.”

The London 2012 Games will kick-off at the new Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012 with athletes from all over the world competing for sports supremacy.

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There have only been 16 different designs on the 50-pence coin since its introduction in 1969.

Other winners of the competition will see their designs for badminton, football, cycling and shooting on a total of 87 commemorative coins to mark the Games. All were approved by the Treasury and the Queen.

“Their coins will become treasured mementos of the biggest sporting event to happen on UK shores for over half a century and we hope will encourage a new generation of collectors,” Dave Knight, the Royal Mint’s Director of Commemorative Coin.                         

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