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RP wins 2009 Asian Livestock Award

Tennyson Chen, president of Bounty Group of Companies (far right) and Carmelita Ching, AVP of Bounty Group (second from right) during the award ceremony held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

MANILA, Philippines - In a landmark event where Asia’s top poultry and livestock producers gather every two years, Bounty Group of Companies won the top award for the Philippines in Asia’s biggest gathering of livestock, egg, meat and feed producers held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last Oct. 27 to 29.

In beating countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries in Asia, the Philippines officially became one of Asia’s most recognized experts in the industry. More than 8,000 professionals witnessed the momentous event billed as Livestock Asia 2009.  

“Prior to winning the award, Bounty Group was one of six shortlisted for the prestigious regional competition, recognized and acknowledged by the Asian Agribusiness Publications and AMB Exhibitors. The win was the country’s first award of this magnitude in livestock Asia, certainly a big boost to the local industry and the country as a whole, “ says Bounty Group publicity chief Roger Pe. 

The Asian Livestock Industry Award was started in 2001 by industry experts to advance programs that will improve, enhance and leave a significant impact in the region. It has grown to be Asia’s most prestigious and premier award giving body for outstanding achievements in the industry. 

Presented every two years to a livestock producer that has shown great potential and growth domestically and in the region, the nominees are judged by an independent, unbiased panel on four broad categories, namely: Industry Leadership, Use of Technology in Operation, Health and Safety, Marketing and Promotions. 

The award is “a testimony to the company’s vision of becoming a world-class broiler integrator – creating value to our customers,” says Tennyson Chen, President of Bounty Group of Companies.

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The Bounty Group is the only fully integrated poultry company that has continuously invested in company owned facilities – Grand Parent Farm, Parent Stock Farm, Hatcheries, Dressing Plants, Feed Mills, and Cool-cell Broiler Complexes. 

The company operates more than a dozen hatcheries across the archipelago, four broiler plants and ten feed mills serving the rapidly growing requirements of its broilers, layers and piggery operations. The newly opened Tarlac feedmill is considered the most modern in the Philippines today, proud testament to its continuing efforts of modernizing this sector of the industry. 

Under the umbrella of Bounty Group of Companies, is Bounty Fresh Chicken, one of its flagship companies and currently one of leading and fastest growing broiler integrators in the Philippines. Also one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers of value-added chicken products like fresh-chilled chicken, table eggs (to various hotel, restaurant, institutional food companies as well as supermarkets) and live bird markets nationwide, Bounty Fresh Chicken recently entered the food retail sector via company-owned rotisserie stores under the trade name “Chooks-To-Go”.    

Bounty Fresh Chicken was established in 1993, to cater to consumers in the various regions of the archipelago. The company operates twenty branches across the country, each one having their own hatchery, broiler farms, feedmills, processing plants and sales force to make home grown live broilers and fresh-chilled products available all the time. 

Over the past three years, Bounty Fresh Chicken has maintained the best dressing plants in the country, awarded in both the AAA (Pulilan Plant) and AA (San Pablo Plant) categories by the National Meat Inspection Service. Likewise, Bounty Fresh Eggs is the market leader in the country, the only egg brand in the country fortified with Selenium, a non-metal element that prevents cancer in humans. 


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