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Australia supports indigenous crafts in Sagada

MANILA, Philippines - Australian Embassy Charge d’Affaires Stephen Scott is assisted by indigenous artist Lope Bosaing as he tries his hand at traditional pottery during his trip to Sagada, Benguet to meet with the beneficiaries of the Sagada Kiln Project, an initiative supported by the Embassy’s Direct Aid Program (DAP).

The project is managed by the Putik Potters Association of the Philippines (PPAP) and aims to sustain Sagada’s age-old pottery tradition. Australian support has enabled PPAP to construct a wood-fired kiln and an exhibition and pottery training center. It has also helped stimulate economic activity in Sagada by providing local potters with a venue to produce, exhibit and market their work.

Since 2006, the Embassy’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) has provided nearly P3 million to programs that contribute to the welfare and income-generating capacity of Indigenous Peoples and the preservation of their culture.

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