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A guide to mobile photography

MANILA, Philippines - The Nokia N86 8MP offers a range of options to also view, edit, share, upload, and store the photographs you take.

Autofocus — the high-performance autofocus feature makes taking beautiful, sharp photographs simple. Pressing the shutter key halfway focuses on the subject, and pressing the key all the way captures the image. With the autofocus assist lamp on the Nokia N86 8-MP, the subject is also illuminated by a dual LED, and this renders crisper detail in photographs captured in low light.

Flash — Pictures in even the darkest locations are better with the xenon flash. The xenon flash stops object movement allowing for amazingly clear pictures.

Automatic Motion Blur Reduction — This ensures less motion blur.

Zoom — The Nokia N86 8MP features up to 20x digital zoom.

View To A Photo

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A camera is only as good as its lens and it doesn’t get better than the Carl Zeiss Tessar. On the new Nokia N86 8-MP you get perfect color definition and imaging far sharper than ever before. With the latest optics, an ultra wide-angle lens (equivalent to 28mm), plus a far greater exposure range, you can shoot professional quality photos anytime, anywhere. Perfect for anyone who loves photography or just wants to snap great photos every time.

When viewing your pictures on the device, web, PC or TV, either one by one or in a slideshow, an orientation sensor detects the way you were holding the device when you originally captured the moment, automatically and instantly orientating the image so it’s always the right way up.

Edit With in-built photo editing capabilities, you can make sure your photos are exactly the way you like them. You can crop images, make them lighter or brighter, frame them or even add text and different effects.

Share That Experience

Uploading pictures and videos on social networking sites like Ovi Share and Flickr is fast and simple with the high-speed 3G or WLAN connectivity of the Nokia N86 8MP. The 8GB of internal memory provides enough space for up to 4,000 photos, and the memory can be increased even further with an exchangeable 16GB microSD card.

Create seamless slideshows from your favorite photos with PhotoFlow. Add wild special effects filters in real time with PhotoTwister. Or stitch three of your favorite photos together with Autorama.   — KATHY MORAN

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