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EDITORIAL - Yingluck on the spot

Once again, President Aquino’s loquacious youngest sister couldn’t help herself. Without regard for whether it was appropriate, or even fair to do so, Kris Aquino tweeted that Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is “bagay” or a good match for her bachelor brother.

Shinawatra was a Philippine visitor last week and had dinner at Malacanang. The visit was official. And while the dinner may have been warm and cordial, there was nothing personal about it to deserve a distasteful descent to showbiz tsismis, courtesy of Kris.

To be sure, Filipinos may feel titillated by the prospect of yet another romance for the soon-to-be-52-year-old president. But will the Thais? And what about Shinawatra herself? Was it nice, kind or appropriate to put her on the spot while she was a guest in this country?

Perhaps it is time Noynoy reined in her sister before she creates an international incident that not only embarrasses her brother but also puts the good standing of the Philippines and its people into serious question before the eyes of the world.

Even if Kris was so sold about pairing Noynoy with Yingluck, she should have waited for the Thai leader to return to the safety and comfort of her home country before publicly proposing a match. That way, Yingluck is spared any awkwardness while a guest in this country.

If Yingluck and Noynoy hit it off, fine. But let them find out for themselves, in a manner that is worthy of the dignity of their lofty offices. She may be the sister of Noynoy, but she has no right to subject him or anyone to some street-like pimping.

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Besides, it is also time for Kris, or any of her other sisters, to let Noynoy deal with his own romances. It does not look good for the president of this country to have his love life orchestrated and directed by his sisters.

Noynoy has had a string of well-publicized supposed romances with a number of great women but has never gotten around to scratch the unscratchable itch. Now, which of these romances were true and which were hype only Noynoy can say. It just doesn’t help for Kris to be in the picture.

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