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Other Bisaya provinces call Cebuanos "OA" over Diaz slur

DIAZ NOT OVER. Cebuanos are still hot and bothered about the slur (intentional or otherwise) uttered by Gloria Diaz when she said that “Cebuanos can hardly speak English”. Her comment is still hot topic in several Internet blogs, forum and social networking sites with Cebuanos agreeing with the move to label her as “persona non grata.” Many suggested that Cebu hotels and restaurants should blacklist her. Others challenge her to an English-speaking contest. Still others threaten her with bodily harm like, “Sagpa-on nato siya’g English!”

OA CEBUANOS. But people from Bohol, Bacolod and even Davao have criticized the Cebuanos’ reaction, labeling them as OA or over-acting with statements like, “OA kaayo mong mga Cebuanos”. A true-blue Cebuano replied, “Dili mo makasabot kay dili man mo Cebuano. Kamo kunoy atakihon, dili ba mo masakitan.”

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