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Singaporean couple impressed with Pinoy culture

PHOTOSHOOT. The Ear heard that a Singaporean couple was here last week to discover Philippine culture. A Filipina maid works for this couple and has been telling them about Philippine culture. So for their 14th wedding anniversary, the couple decided to spend it here in Cebu. They contacted an event organizer for a series of photoshoots at the historical landmarks of Cebu, with the couple wearing various Filipiniana costumes. The event organizer said, “Ganahan kaayo sila sa Filipino culture. Nag-rent ko og daghang Terno ug Barong para sa couple.”

THEY SHALL RETURN. The event organizer decided not to charge the couple for helping them out as she said she is proud to show our country to foreigners. She also arranged for the couple to go island hopping and even gave the couple a picnic basket. Inside were fresh mangoes, sikwate and budbud. She told the couple, “This is the traditional breakfast of Filipinos.” The Singaporean couple said they loved their Cebu experience and promised that they will return and bring the whole family with them.

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