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Morality tale

INDECENCY AND IMMORALITY. If the provincial government is really serious about protecting women’s morality and decency, then it should go after internet cafés with webcams. This was the comment of an Ear informer who said that internet pornography through the use of webcams and chats is rampant in the different municipalities of Cebu. The informer said, “Daghan kaayong mga babaye sa internet café nga magpakita sa ilang private parts sa webcam ngadto sa mga foreigners. Mao nay angay gukdon sa gobyerno.”

BIG BUCKS. The Ear informer said that many of these girls don’t mind if other people will see them expose themselves as they earn several hundred dollars if they show their private parts through webcam. Showing of breasts would earn these girls $50 while more vulgar exposure would earn them at least $100. Money would be sent through international money transfers or banks. The informer said, “These girls are very young pero suhito na kaayo sila sa paagi unsaon pagbayad sa mga foreigners nila.”

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