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A thousand a day

One thousand pesos per day. This is apparently what Police Officer 3 Walter Vidad receives from Diane Uy. So he makes at least thirty thousand a month, not including his official salary from the PNP. Vidad has been Uy’s security detail since 2015. So that translates to a lot of money. Compare that to other professions such as nurses, doctors, and employees in the government hospitals, honestly working hard every day. The PNP-Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) has explained why Diane Uy was approved for security detail, given she is the daughter of a known “drug queen” who is currently serving time at the Correctional Institute for Women (CIW), where Uy also happens to be an accredited contractor, supplying rice to the institution. Uy was abducted in 2006, and was released after paying a ransom. This made her eligible for police protection. What the PNP-PSPG did not do was find out more about Uy, background and all.

Vidad definitely knew the illegal drug operations of Uy. For a thousand pesos a day, it seems that his soul had been bought. The PNP is now investigating whether he was actually involved in Uy’s drug operations. For example, does he deliver the rice that could contain hidden packets of shabu into the CIW? Does he help in packing the drugs? Those actions alone are enough to charge him with dealing in illegal drugs. Obviously he did not fight back when the PDEA agents raided the condo unit of Uy. Just saying.

According to records, Uy has another security escort, a PO2 Faisal Sawadjaan. PNP Chief Gen. Dela Rosa said he will dismiss the two security escorts of Uy. According to Dela Rosa, their loyalty has shifted to Uy because of the money. Let’s just say that those policemen have been bought, plain and simple. If it is proven that they were involved in Uy’s illegal drug operations, then they should also be criminally charged, aside from an administrative case which they would only laugh off. Didn’t some people belittle the capability of PDEA to fight illegal drugs?

The PNP-PSPG promises to change their policies regarding the approval of security details on everyone, including government officials. They will be more careful and stricter in vetting applicants for security detail. The police need to know who they are guarding. Background checks are mandatory, even for politicians and government officials, not just private citizens. Just because someone was voted into office, or assigned by the president does not automatically mean he is spotless. I also believe that security details must be rotated after a certain amount of time to prevent familiarity. That’s probably where the problem starts.

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