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True justice

Horacio Tomas Castillo III's body was found on a road in Tondo, Manila, apparently disposed of after his "brods" killed him in another case of fraternity hazing. There was no attempt to even bring him to a hospital, lest they be withheld for questioning.

Horacio left home to become an Aegis Juris brother in the fraternity. Instead, he ended up dead at the hands of these very "brothers." Obvious imbeciles, cowards, and criminals. Did I mention they want to be lawyers? Ridiculous.

Officers and members of the Aegis Juris fraternity have been indefinitely suspended by UST. That is, they cannot enter the campus of the UST for the duration of the investigation. I hope it takes years. I hope the investigation ruins their lives. The culprits, I should also say cowards, must be identified, tried and punished accordingly.

But in most cases of hazing deaths, cases are downgraded with the culprits receiving minimal or even suspended sentences. One example is former Bureau of Immigration Deputy Commissioner Al Argosino who was involved in the murder of Raul Camaligan for hazing in 1991. Despite his colorful past, he was still given a position in government as deputy commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration, because of his affiliation with Lex Talionis, a law fraternity whose members are now in high places in government. He then gets involved in yet another scandal. What happened to the case of the BI's two former Deputy Commissioners, suspected of receiving a bribe in the amount of thirty million pesos? Buried into oblivion?

Fraternities must be banned. Period.

There are many other ways to foster camaraderie, service and brotherhood without the stupidity of fraternity hazing, which obviously cannot be stopped nor controlled and monitored. I have a good mind to believe that even so-called "distinguished alumni" encourage the traditional physical harm on neophytes.

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UST has condemned the latest hazing incident. It should. But they should just ban all fraternities. This idiotic tradition has no place in society, especially when violence seemed to be the new norm. I wouldn't be surprised if the culture of killing had something to do with the violence conducted on Horacio that fateful night.

How could a parent understand the concept of brotherhood, when their son lies on a slab, apparently at the hands of his future "brothers"? According to Castillo's father, his son suffered severe pain and suffering before he died.

I cannot imagine the anger and anguish of Horacio's family, who are now crying for justice. It should be true justice. It should not be downgraded cases and reduced, light or even suspended sentences that previous cases of fatal hazing have enjoyed. They killed Horacio. They discarded the body. They are now hiding like the criminals they are. They should be punished equal to their crime.

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