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Daily blessings from trees

The BRT project can be turned around positively to allow people and communities to reap the rich blessings from the affected trees. One blessing is the opportunity for communities to unite together to protect and manage the trees, to adopt or keep the BRT-affected trees in the same location or in the same community as much as possible. The participatory process can also be enhanced with the added blessing of educating all in the communities or Cebu City about trees (and the rest of the environment as well later). If everyone only realizes the blessings and benefits trees provide, daily and sustainably, many may compete to have the trees in their own homes and communities!

So, please help us disseminate the following important information about trees from

One, in the midst of the present extremely high temperature, trees "can reduce air temperature by blocking sunlight. Further cooling occurs when water evaporates from the leaf surface. The conversion of water to air vapor is a chemical process removes heat energy from the air.

A tree can be a natural air-conditioner. The evaporation from a single tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Trees cool the air, land, and water with shade and moisture thus reducing the heat-island effect of our urban communities.

During heavy rains, the trees help absorb the water and prevent floods. "Trees help reduce surface water runoff from storms, thus decreasing soil erosion and the accumulation of sediments in streams. They increase ground water recharge and reduce the number of potentially harmful chemicals transported to our streams."

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Did you know that trees also "absorb and block noise and reduce glare. A well placed tree can reduce noise by as much as 40 percent!"

Most of you already know that "trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gases, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen, that an acre of trees absorbs enough carbon dioxide in a year to equal the amount produced when you drive a car 26,000 miles and trees can help offset the buildup of carbon dioxide in the air and reduce the greenhouse effect."

Trees not only provide habitat and food for people, birds, and animals. Certain trees provide pleasant smells and therapeutic relief to hospital patients, who when offered a view of trees, have been shown to have recovered from surgery more quickly and had fewer complaints, less painkillers.

Trees provide us with beauty, with color, flowers, fruit, interesting shapes and forms to look at. Trees allow people to "positively reflect on life, have relaxing effect on students studying for exams and slow down heartbeat, lower blood pressure and help produce more relaxed brain wave patterns."

Trees offer community benefits as well. "Trees can enhance community economic stability by attracting businesses and tourists -people linger and shop longer when trees are present."

"Trees make communities livable for people and their activities. People walk and jog more on streets with trees; children and adults have a cool place to play or relax in the summer, thus increasing their interaction with neighbors."

Finally, trees can serve as a living legacy for the next generation -thus linking us to near and distant generations and keep us always connected to our Creator.

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