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LTO: get reckless drivers off our roads

I thought that we already got rid of the Rolito Gos in our city streets? Apparently, we still have them on our roads, but this time he goes by the name of David Lim Jr. I have no compassion for hotheaded motorists, especially those who carry guns in their cars then shoot unarmed drivers that they meet along the road. This is why we chastised in so many columns the case of Rolito Go who some years ago shot and killed 25-year-old Eldon Maguan (who was merely out on an errand to buy pizza for his family) who had the right of way, as it was Go who drove into a one-way street against traffic. That was 26 years ago in 1991 and last December 16, 2016 the Supreme Court ordered his release after serving his sentence.

Open your favorite AM radio stations and all radio commentators are talking about this road rage incident which involved David Lim Jr. Obviously, the big news about this recent road rage incident is proof that the lessons of the past never deterred hotheaded motorist from bringing their firearms in their cars. Then when they go berserk, they start shooting people. In this case it was Ephraim Nuñal, a nurse who apparently survived this shooting. I dare say that Lim should have his driver's license revoked for life and cases filed against him, and if there is a conviction he should be locked up for good!

These radio commentators also reminded their listeners that earlier this month, the father of Lim, David Lim Sr., was involved in a terrible accident at the flyover in Barangay Banilad where his vehicle, a Nissan GT sports car, struck the motorcycle of a poor fish dealer Mr. Philip Pogoy who died on the way to the hospital. At this point, we have no way of finding out whether a case of homicide through reckless imprudence was filed against Mr. Lim, Sr. as we learned that his family "settled" with the family of Mr. Pogoy. What the Land Transportation Office ought to do is ensure that reckless drivers like Mr. Lim should be stricken off our major thoroughfares because these people apparently use our roads as if it were a racetrack!

Meanwhile, to add to the drama, no less than the Cebu City mayor reported in his Facebook page that he brought along a SWAT team to look for David Lim Jr. first at the Winland Tower, then to the residence of his father David Lim Sr. in Maria Luisa Subdivision. Of course he returned home empty-handed as he entered the house of Mr. David Lim Sr. without a search warrant. Mayor Osmeña apparently requested for a search warrant from a judge, but the judge refused to give him that warrant. Come now, Mayor Osmeña should tell us what is the name of this judge so we can ask him why in the interest of our fight against lawbreakers did he refuse to issue a search warrant?

Knowing he had no search warrant to enter the house of Mr. Lim, Mayor Osmeña should never have entered his house, as the search would have been deemed illegal. Sure he can always say that it was part of the hot pursuit operations of the Cebu City police, but then whether we like it or not, there are certain legalities within the law that gives people certain protection from authorities. Mayor Osmeña knew he violated the law, but still he went on with it. Of course, many of his Facebook fans cheered him on, after all, it was the popular thing to do as many netizens were outraged that this was happening in our beloved Cebu City.

As of press time, I'm sure that the Cebu City Police Office is still conducting a manhunt for David Lim Jr. and her Japanese girlfriend. For sure, Mr. David Lim Sr. knows where his son is and pundits are speculating that he already left the country. Wherever David Lim Jr. is today, it is in his best interest to immediately surrender to the authorities because from a mere traffic altercation, he elevated his problem into a case of attempted murder and with his flight from the law, he is now officially a fugitive! We shall be watching this case with a keen eye!

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