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Thank you, Paul

I am Hermenegilda Amor Victoria Borromeo Nonnenkamp from Tucson, Arizona, United States of America. I am writing this e-mail in reference to the article written by Clarence Paul Oaminal in your 31 January 2014 issue under the title "J. Borromeo Street, Cebu City."

It was rather an informative and interesting article.

I am the youngest daughter and the only surviving child of the late Judge.

As a point of interest, let me say that there is a life-size statue of my late father in Surigao, Mindanao, in front of a government building. 

A major street in the city of Surigao is named after my late father. 

There is also another monument (a bust) of my father in Cebu on Plaza Borromeo.

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There is also a book with the title "The Borromeo Family of Cebu" written by my son, Marc E. Nonnenkamp. 

The book discusses the Borromeo family of the Philippines, Italy and beyond.  A copy of the book was given to the Historical Society of Cebu.

In closing allow me to thank Clarence Paul Oaminal in the name of my family and the many members of the Borromeo clan there, here and wherever they may be.


H. A. V.  Borromeo Nonnenkamp



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