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How to be ‘madiskarte’ in life when you're on a budget

When the budget is tight, chill and do diskarte.

MANILA, Philippines—What is this all-Filipino trait that enables us to get by even in the stickiest situations and toughest times?


It's about being resourceful and creative in working around your situation. It's thinking out of the box when faced with road blocks. 

Here’s how you can be madiskarte in life:

1. Search for second-hands

Prepping for that much-awaited job interview but you obviously don’t have money to invest in semi to formal clothes yet? Then opt for the ukay-ukay or even your parents' closets.

Search for coats and slacks that you can pair with simple shirts. Who says you can’t dress to impress with second-hand pieces?

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2. Free Facebook forever

“Sorry you don’t have enough balance…” says the automated operator on your phone. No problem! 

There's Facebook messenger, which is already offered free by local networks. If you really need to make a call, head on to the nearest Wi-Fi spot to connect.

3. It pays to be early

You have a 3 pm presentation outside the office but your per diem was not approved on time. Don’t shoulder an expensive Grab or Uber from your own pocket just yet.

You can actually commute by leaving an hour ahead than your usual travel time. Not only is it cheaper, it is also better for your career progression. It's a feat to be on time in this ever-traffic city.

4. Use some convincing power

The whole barkada is going on a free-diving adventure to Batangas this weekend but you find the per head budget too expensive.  

Search for a beachside bungalow without AC and Internet that is good for your group of six. Tell them it’s good to disconnect from worldly comforts once in a while and just enjoy each other’s company on a natural setting. On top of this, the accommodation bill will be split so you’ll all spend less. Convincing! 

5. It’s creativity that counts

Making your loved one feel truly special on your monthsary or anniversary does not have to cost much really.

It’s creativity that counts! Why not gather heartfelt messages from his or her family and friends and collate it in a video. Upload it in Facebook and express your love to the whole world! That’s plus pogi points for you! 

6. Follow diskarte tips from the Colonel

When you’re craving to eat out but you're still waiting for payday? Follow tips from the Colonel who has plenty of diskarte moves up his white, long sleeves.

The Colonel advises you to be an "Aquaman" by refilling your water tumbler in the office first before heading out to KFC. This way, all you’ll need to order is a bowl of the newest and tastiest Teriyaki Flavor Shots that's only P50!

Watch more diskarte moves from the Colonel below: 

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