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25 Mushrooms: Not a dish but classes for your cook

25 Mushrooms Kitchen at Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse is now open for cooking classes, parties, catering and party platters to go.

It is a constant problem for many households to find a good cook. I have had only one cook ever since I got married and when she left, it was very hard to replace her talent. We usually have this preconceived notion that we need to hire someone who already knows how to cook. But thanks to 25 Mushrooms, you do not have to be a cook to be able to cook for a household. You can send your household staff to them and they can learn. They will teach you the basics of cooking, safety and sanitation in the kitchen, food presentation and many more. I have sent my household staff to several classes and have also tasted several dishes from staff who have gone there and they are fantastic. The dishes not only taste good but are also well presented.  

25 Mushrooms Kitchen was started six years ago by a lady who is very good at entertaining in her home: Sari Reyes Jorge. I am so fortunate to have met such an amazing woman. Sari worked at Catalina Canyon Hotel located in Avalon, California, as a restaurant manager and was exposed to the catering business of her family. She’s attended numerous cooking classes here and abroad. She created 25 Mushrooms to train household help to cook and prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families and kitchen management. How nice that she is helping other families by teaching their household staff and at the same time it is a successful business for her.  

This started after Sari’s friends and families — who’d experienced dining in her home, where they had good food and good service — requested that she train their household staff.  Sari started training and teaching from her home, then the class grew so she had to move out and have it in the village clubhouse. It was an open space that they used by the swimming pool of the Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse. Because the business was growing so fast, Sari became an endorser of some brands as she became very popular among  households. Now she has opened a new facility at Valle Verde 5, Pasig City, and has brought 25 Mushrooms Kitchen to a higher level.   Not only do they offer cooking classes but now you can hold private parties in her facility and can order party platters to go.   

It takes just one great idea to start something and make it successful and Sari did it! She is the pioneer in this business and I hope that she can open more branches in key locations so more housewives can benefit from this.  

Although 25 Mushrooms is for household help, it is open to anybody who would like to learn how to cook. Even my son, who loves to cook, attended several sessions during his summer break and enjoyed it a lot. 

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25 Mushrooms Kitchen Cookery is on Cauliflower St., Valle Verde 5,  Pasig City. Classes are also held in Alabang, Merville and Makati. Call 631-4822 or 0917-827-2525 and look for Rochelle for a schedule of classes and reservations.



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