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A Christmas recipe from basketball mom Danica Sotto-Pingris

MANILA, Philippines - For basketball mom Danica Sotto-Pingris, wife of San Mig Coffee Mixers player Marc Pingris, planning meals for the Christmas season’s numerous family get-togethers and the much-awaited Noche Buena, starts early.

Wanting her Christmas feast to be special, the basketball mom is hands-on in preparing the menu. At the Pingris’ household, the Noche Buena spread typically includes lechon, rice cakes, lengua and kalderata. 

Though the family has signature dishes, Danica says that one staple on the table come Christmas is Purefoods Fiesta Ham.  Flavor-aged and slow-cooked to achieve the right flavor and tenderness, the number one Christmas ham brand in the country is very much a part of the Filipino Christmas tradition.  


DANICA’S HUEVOS A LA JULIETA (developed by chef Ed Quimson)


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6      pcs.      whole eggs

1      pc.       baguette

200   grams   white onions, small dice

200   grams   tomato, small dice

200   grams   Purefood Fiesta Ham, small dice

1/2    cup       olive oil

1/2    cup       white wine

1      cup       chicken stock

1/2    ltr.        tomato sauce

3      pcs.      bay leaf

1      tbsp.    sugar

        salt and pepper to taste



In a saucepan saute the onion and tomato in olive oil.

When tomato and onions are pasty add all the liquid ingredients and fiesta ham cubes and let simmer for 20 minutes.  Season to taste. In a glass baking dish, pour the tomato and ham mixture.  Position sliced baguette in between ham pieces, crack the eggs on top of each slice of bread and bake till eggs are cooked in the oven.


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