Diana Go

Call me: D-I-A-N-A (pronounce the last A, puhleez) and not Diane, as most people would call me.

Age: Immortal. I’ll share with anyone who would be interested my anti-aging crème and growth hormone pills. My number is XYZLOVE. (Sorry, the number you dialed is not yet in service.)

Birthday: A romantic Piscean — March 18.

Height: 5’5", 5’6", 5’7" — depends on which of my shoes I’m wearing.

Sex: Ecstatic! Sex for me is doing my Tibetan rituals, Asanas yoga and meditation, accompanied by Andrea Bocelli’s Sogno. It elevates and heightens all my senses above the physical.

Occupation: A jack-of-all-trades and master of one — shopping.

My current romantic status: Muy alto! My mind romances passionately when my creativity kaleidoscopes into a fusion of colors and every imaginable form, which materializes into my creations of shoes, clothes and jewelry.

My idea of sexy is: One full pound of brain, a full cup of blended great sense of humor, a generous spread of beautiful broad shoulders, six packs of abs, two full scoops of nice, tight buns — voila! A magnificent dessert for my dinner!

I’ve never believed in: Selling your soul to gain the world.

The worst book I have ever read: For me, it’s the Physics and Geometry book that I had to go through in high school. Poor me!

If my life were a movie, it would be: Sorry, Maurice. My private secrets and sins are just for me to savor and cherish alone!

The one constant in my life: Aside from my age, my faith in God, my love for my children and love for… myself.

I don’t spend my Saturday night: As a couch potato or doing my nails. Because I’ll be too busy… ing!

My best quality is: I’m very positive about my outlook in life. Very resilient, a great survivor. Hip, hip, hurray!

My worst quality is: Too much of a melting jello — for job stories.

Last night I dreamt: My frog turned into a prince.

I know I am in love when:

a. I give unconditionally

b. I’m reading books on "How to be good in…"

c. I eat ice cream in a cone

d. I’m worried about my cellulite.

If I could change one thing in history, it would be: Wow! Me changing history? Hmmm… let’s see. How about my being Cleopatra? No, seriously? With my magic wand I’d change Adolf Hitler into a toad and stop him from committing genocide.

If I could have sex once more in my life, it would be: With Antonio Sabato, Jr. while skydiving. C’est ne pas possible?

The worst advice I ever had was: That you can’t get pregnant when you jump vigorously right after sex. Reminds me of a pogo stick.

The best advice I have ever given was: Don’t give up, you’re not the only one.

One thing I have to learn the hard way: That man will never be monogamous.

The hardest decision I ever had to make: Should I or shouldn’t I?

The biggest mystery to me: Why a lot of gorgeous-looking hunks are metamorphosing into beautiful butterflies.

Manila to me is: Super chaotic! The best place to hone your driving skills. There should be an international ad that says: "Be the best driver in the world. Come join the biggest obstacle race. Free training, no fees to be collected. Just bring your guts and patience (tons of them). Word of caution: No cursing or cussing allowed while on the road! P!#@%Y**U(*^!??!

And lastly, Manila is my home sweet home!

Photography by Alex Van Hagen

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