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Soul power

Green land: Analog Soul Sanga T-shirt for women, available at Archaeology in Power Plant, at The Ramp in Glorietta 4, and at TriNoma

MANILA, Philippines - In this digital-centric time, Analog Soul embraces more the wonders of our five senses — believing that sensing one’s reality is truly the way to live. Its partnership with Filipino artists like Ysobel Aboitiz and Tata Balerite, who design shirts for the brand, highlights the significance of expressing one’s self, one’s soul. The Filipino-owned company has allowed its shirts to become the canvas of Filipino artists.

Ysabel joined Analog Soul in 2008. A graphic designer, painter, and dog lover, she hones her craft and gets inspiration from graphic magazines, creative openings to movies, and the like. Some of Ysabel’s most popular designs include the Medusa shirt, Rock & Roll, Earth, Sweet Tooth, Jellyfish, Grunge, Linked, Bubbles, and many more.

Tata, on the other hand, works up his inspiration by observing the irony and comedy of life, and of course, with his daughter as his greatest inspiration. 

Aside from being an Analog Soul artist, Tata is also working on Design Insurgent & Wolf & Sheep Clothing. He shares, “I love that I am able to get to work with creative talents around the world. Brainstorming is just like coffee in the morning. The best thing of all, I also get paid for doing the things I love 24/7.” 

Through the artistry Filipino artists like Tata and Ysobel, Analog Soul now carries creative, evocative, and eclectic designs that aim to capture their market’s expressions and emotions.

Analog Soul owner Migs Naguiat explains, “Through our partnership with Filipino artists, Analog Soul is able to carry creative, evocative, and eclectic designs. These designs are what capture our market’s interest. Their artistry is able to capture the emotions and expressions of the market. The brand now becomes a venue for our customers to shout out their emotions or express themselves.” 

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Tata adds, “We, Filipinos, are gifted with creativity. We may be a Third World country but we are never short on creative talents. Our attention to detail and (our) unique intricate designs are something we should be proud of. That’s why I try to incorporate all that design elements through my work. The more complicated the design, the harder for other people to copy.”

Analog Soul shirts are available at Archaeology in Power Plant, at The Ramp in Glorietta 4, and at TriNoma. For information, visit

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