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How to achieve the matte, natural look

For a matte and flawless makeup that’s natural looking, it’s time for Hourglass Immaculate.

Dear Lucy,

I am not so into the dewy look. But I want my foundation to look natural. What is a good brand you like? I also like red lips, but I always make a mess when I apply it. Can I leave my eyes bare if my lip color is strong?


When I want my makeup coverage matte and flawless but still natural looking, I reach for Hourglass Immaculate. It has a liquid to powder formulation and is the fastest (easiest, too!) way to achieve a matte finish minus the cakey look and feel. Also, red lips always, always work in an old-Hollywood kind of way and because red can be tricky to apply, I would suggest that you make sure first that your lips are not chapped. Use a lip scrub and make sure you are hydrated, too, as lip balms can only do so much. Besides, too much balm will make the color run so use sparingly and always wipe off excess. When using red lipstick, I like using my fingers to pat on the color instead of applying it straight from the tube. That way, the lips look more natural, velvety, and plump. I apply in layers, blotting with tissue in between, and then I very lightly go over the edges with lipliner. But I always soften the line a bit so it does not look harsh.


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