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Oliver Segovia & Jordana Valencia: A Harvard Love Match

Newlyweds Jana Valencia and Oliver Segovia. The bride wears a gown by Mel Orlina.

It took Harvard Business School to bring technology entrepreneur Oliver Segovia to meet his true love and fellow alumna Jordana Revilla Valencia. An honor student all the way from Poveda to the University of the Philippines (summa cum laude), the beauty and brains met the witty technology entrepreneur in Manila and found him to be quite charming and intelligent. Oliver, on the other hand, didn’t realize that the vivacious Jordana was extremely low-key. “Since she was so jolly and outgoing, I thought she was the type who liked to party and drink.  But in reality, she was the complete opposite! I loved that about her,” shares Oliver.
After being together for five years, Oliver wanted to settle down since he had already found the love of his life. Knowing how Jordana didn’t like any fuss, he proposed in a most unlikely place in Boston where she was then based: a local 100-year-old animal shelter where Jordana would volunteer on weekends. As Jordana was feeding the numerous homeless cats that would regularly flock to the shelter, Oliver had a beautiful engagement ring ready as he proposed. Even the other co-volunteers thought it was the most unlikely place for a wedding proposal, yet the soon-to-be-bride found the gesture to be the most adorable thing.
For their wedding, the couple opted to marry in Boston because, as Jordana explained, “It was a very meaningful place for us — we both studied there, lived there and got engaged there.” The simple ceremony was witnessed by a handful of family members and a few close friends, and was officiated by Fr. William Kelly in the St. Paul Parish in Harvard Square, located at the Harvard University campus.
Coming back right after the wedding ceremony, the couple held a lovely reception at the Blue Leaf in Taguig that was filled with their welcoming family members and friends led by the family matriarch and still-glamorous nonagenarian Rosie Osmeña Valencia.





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