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How to get the perfect red lips

Lip tip: Red lipstick is classic — always a good idea when executed right. Photo from


I love red lips but can never seem to perfect it. My attempt at matte red always turns out patchy,   flaky, and the lip line crooked. And how do I fix my eyes to match red lips?    


A red lip is classic — always a good idea when executed right. The application takes patience and some degree of skill. Unlike gloss that you can swipe on even without a mirror before you, red lips demand more precision, especially if you are going for a matte effect. Start with lips that are soft and primed. By that, I mean it should have been moisturized prior, you cannot moisturize it and then immediately apply lip color. It will be runny, and will not stay on. Use a lip pencil (its tip very softly rounded) to outline your lips. Start with the outer corners going in. Fill in the lips using a lip brush to deposit the color. Blot with tissue. Reapply. Blot again. You can repeat the process two to three times and the color will stay on for many hours!

Re eye makeup, if you have clear and radiant skin, that would be the best juxtaposition to your perfectly matte red lips. Or to achieve that, you can use BB cream, a bit of concealer, some setting powder, and your look will be so chic!        Lucy


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Red alert: To cancel out a pimple’s redness, apply green concealer with a clean brush to only the pimple. Photo courtesy of

Beauty hacks to cover pimples and under-eye circles


I see different colored concealers like yellow, green, and peach-based ones. What are they for? What’s the best for covering up pimples?                 


The different colored concealers can get confusing, but if you know how to use the right makeup tools, they’ll be amazing lifesavers! 

Peach or salmon shades cancel out bluish discolorations like bruises or dark under-eye circles. This is why I actually like salmon-based concealers more for eye bags than yellow concealer. They really make the dark shadows under the eyes disappear!

Green concealers hide red spots or blemishes, while yellow helps brighten and even out skin tones. Yellow concealers also help cover up pimples because they combat redness, but if you want them to disappear like they never existed, try using a green concealer first. Cancel out a pimple’s redness by applying green concealer with a clean brush to only the pimple (not the skin around it) to avoid spreading the bacteria. Then, use a cotton swab to dab on a concealer that matches your skin tone to camouflage the pimple. Blend it into the surrounding skin and finish by setting it with powder.                                                                   


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