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Living in tune with your body through Philip Stein

Philip Stein co-founder and president Will Stein: “The attitude of gratitude leads to a great mood, which leads to a great day,” he says, “which leads to a great week, a great month, a year, and ultimately a great life.”

Philip Stein co-founder and president Will Stein makes time to explain why wellness matters now more than ever.


Will Stein, founder of revolutionary watch company Philip Stein, has very good life advice and it’s one that he practices every day. It’s gratitude and saying thanks from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning to the time he closes them to sleep at night.

“The attitude of gratitude leads to a great mood, which leads to a great day,” he says, “which leads to a great week, a great month, a year, and ultimately a great life.”

You would expect no less from someone who founded a watch company based on well-being and natural frequency technology (the watch produces an electromagnetic field that pulses against your wrist, like the signals sent by the brain when you’re calm or at peak performance).

Will Stein was in Manila last week to work on the launch of Philip Stein’s Legacy collection in July. Included in that collection is the Lea Salonga limited-edition watch, which Lea helped develop in Zurich, Switzerland at the end of 2014. Only 222 pieces of the Lea watch will be produced (the number represents her birthday, February 22).

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Another celebrity Philip Stein has collaborated with is Oprah Winfrey who, without being asked, included Philip Stein watches on her list of My Favorite Things in 2003, the year the company was founded.

“Immediately Philip Stein exploded. You wouldn’t believe the long lines at Neiman Marcus with people asking for the ‘Oprah watch.’”

Seven years later, in 2010, on Oprah’s last season, Will was approached by her staff who asked if Philip Stein could produce a real Oprah Watch this time. The company did several limited-editions, one of which was encrusted with diamonds.

Will was also in town for Philip Stein and local partner Lucerne’s “Make Time for your Wellness” event held at The Farm at San Benito in Lipa. The overnight event centered around the watch company’s slogan “Living in Tune.”

The Farm was such a natural fit, a beautiful resort surrounded by unspoiled forests (only one-fifth of its land is developed), and a place that espouses healthy living and healthy eating (they serve only vegan dishes and grow their own organic vegetables).

There were also talks given by personal growth coach Lia Bernardo and Dr. Marian Alonzo. 


But, first, what exactly is Philip Stein’s natural frequency technology?

In every Philip Stein watch is a small disc that is programmed with frequencies (an antenna of sorts) to work with one’s natural frequencies to help produce a sense of well-being.

Will explains that “in 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann proposed the existence of natural electromagnetic waves surrounding our planet.

 Eight years later, in Germany, biologist Ruetger Wever used a variety of experiments to show that these Schumann Resonances can positively influence health, performance and overall well-being of humans.


 “We believe that all organisms have evolved or grown accustomed to these natural frequencies, and our systems are tuned to operate best with them, rather than with the increasing number of man-made frequencies we experience daily in our modern world. Philip Stein’s natural frequency technology was discovered and developed by a group of engineers and scientists committed to harness the positive influence natural frequencies have on human beings.

Years later, after careful research, tuning, and testing, our engineers have identified the various different frequency-combinations best suited for balance, relaxation, focus and those for sleep.

 Their continued efforts and dedication are at the core of all of our products.”


Will also introduced to the media the Philip Stein sleep bracelet, which double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments showed to help people sleep faster and deeper. 

How did the sleep bracelet come about? Some years ago, Will went to his research team and said, “We already had natural frequency technology to help people achieve a feeling of well-being, surely we can also do it for sleep.”

Will adds, “In the past 10 years, people’s attitude toward sleep has changed,” Will says. “Businessmen and professionals used to pride themselves for just needing only three hours of sleep, they thought that sleeping was such a waste of time and they would rather spend those hours working. All this has changed, there’s been a big paradigm shift. Today, we all know from the Harvard Medical Review that sleep is the third pillar for well being, following nutrition and exercise.”

There is a growing advocacy for people to take sleep issues seriously. Arianna Huffington, in short TED Talk, was asked the secret of success. Her reply was “a good night’s sleep” and added that people can actually increase our productivity and happiness from this.

In pilot studies with the Simon Fraser University, a public research university in Canada, “the experiment took a human cell culture from our body, melatonin, which regulates the wake-sleep cycle. Our body produces melatonin but as we get older, it produces less of this. So they exposed this cell culture to our sleep technology. What we saw in five different experiments is that on average, the melatonin production of this cell culture increased by 25 percent. These experiments gave us more credibility and also confidence in our very unique product.”

To launch the sleep bracelet, Will knew that he had to have the right market to first sell it to. “I thought, where do people have problem sleeping? When they are away from home, when they are in a hotel, when they’re on a plane or a cruise ship, when they’re traveling.”

A former Lufthansa marketing executive, Will approached the airlines and the first to launch it was Swiss Air, followed by Lufthansa. “Today, we’re on 15 airlines and it has taken off tremendously.” 

Disordered sleep is so prevalent all over the world, “even in Switzerland, where you have beautiful scenery and fresh air, approximately 50 percent of the population have disordered sleep.”

No wonder the sleep bracelet, released in 2012, is the fastest-selling single product ever produced by Philip Stein.

“I’ve never had a problem sleeping. I go to bed, I put my head on the pillow and I’m asleep. I guess I’m blessed. When we developed the sleep bracelet, I had to test it on me. My first night experience was unbelievable. It was basically like when you have anesthesia, you open your eyes and close them and slowly float away. Today, I don’t have that anymore, but what I noticed is before I wore the sleep bracelet is that in the morning I would drag a bit and couldn’t get up right away to do my workout. Today, when I wake up, I remove it and need just about five minutes and I’m raring to go.”

Will says the sleep bracelet works best with people who are sensitive to their bodies, who have less toxins,  and those who do yoga and meditation.

“A woman for whom it worked beautifully said that on the night she went out and drank a bottle of red wine, she couldn’t sleep even when she was wearing it.” 

“For lack of a better term the watches have frequencies for your overall well-being, whereas the sleep bracelets have frequencies for sleep, because when you’re asleep, you’re on a different frequency from when you’re awake. So we were able to program the antenna inside the sleep bracelet in such a way that it’s associated with sleep.”

* * *

Philip Stein is available at Philip Stein boutiques; Lucerne, Chronos and Wristpod stores; and Landmark, Shoemart, and Robinsons department stores. 





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