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Maryo J.'s Paraiso competing at Turin filmfest

ent1Yes, Maryo J. delos Reyes' Paraiso ni Efren (Efren's Paradise) is in
competition at the 15th Turin International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
which kicks off on April 13, against such worthies as The Einstein of Sex
(Germany), directed by Rose von Praunheim; Don't Tell Anyone (Peru) by
Francisco Lombardi; I Will Survive (Spain) by Alfonso Albacete and David
Menkes; Tenebrae Lessons (France) by Vincent Dieutre; and five films from the
USA, namely Punks by Patrik-Ian Polk, Spin the Bottle by Jamie Yerkes, Swallows
by Harvey Marks, No One Sleeps by Jochen Hick and Edge of Seventeen by David

This piece of good news comes from Funfare's Toronto-based "international
correspondent" Ferdinand Lapuz who wants to extend "a million thanks" to
director Joey Javier Reyes and Regal Matriarch Mother Lily "for all the support
and encouragement that they have been giving other directors in the
international film circuit."

ent1Ferdinand has been coordinating with direk Joey in sending preview tapes of
Filipino films to international film festivals -- with considerable success.

Toro, directed by Joey, has been officially invited to the Florida Film
Festival, Espoo Cinema in Finland and the Melbourne International Film Festival
recently, aside from those in Montreal, Sao Paolo, Bogota, San Francisco Asian
American Filmfest and Berlin. Jeffrey Jeturian's Pila-Balde will be screened in
Singapore and Houston this month and in Munich in June. Competing at the
Singapore Filmfest is Lav Diaz's Hubad sa Ilalim ng Buwan (Naked Under the

Direk Maryo might attend the screenings of Paraiso at the Turin (Torino)
Filmfest, Italy, on April 16 and 18.

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Ferdinand also e-mailed an article on the Turin Filmfest published in Variety
Magazine. Here are excerpts:

Tackling subjects such as gay discrimination and persecution, the docu
competition includes Martin Bedogne and Brent Scarpo's Journey to a Hate-Free
Millennium, inspired by the brutal killing of Matthew Shepard; Oscar-winning
team Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's Paragraph 175, about pink-triangle
persecution in Nazi Germany; and Zackie Achmat's Apostles of Civilized Vice, on
treatment of gays in South Africa.

Among the fest's customarily diverse lineup of sidebars is a retrospective on
gay representation in British cinema, showcasing the bold portrayals of actors
such as Alan Bates, Dirk Bogarde, Oliver Reed and Quentin Crisp, and films that
range from classics like Basil Dearden's Victim, Schlesinger's Sunday Bloody
Sunday and Ken Russell's Women in Love to cutting-edge experimental work like
Derek Jarman's The Angelic Conversation.

Offering a provocative riposte to the Holy Year celebrations currently under
way in Italy, the fest includes What Jubilee!, a special program that examines
the rapport between homosexuals and the Church.

The regular Icons section this year spotlights Andy Warhol hunk Joe Dallesandro
and '60s Europop star Dalida, whose film appearances include the 1986 feature
The Sixth Day from leading Egyptian director Youssef Chahine. Hollywood gets a
look via mini-retros on Greta Garbo, George Cukor and celebrated MGM costumer

Marriage proposal for Ai-Ai in L.A.

First, Funfare would like to condole with Lolit Solis whose father, Jose Solis,
died last week at age 82. Lolit had to cut short her trip to New York and L.A.
when she was notified of her father's death which Lolit kept secret from
friends. "Ayaw ng father ko nang pinaglalamayan," said Lolit. "He saw for
himself all the fuss that we made when my mother died and his wish was to have
a very quiet wake, talagang family affair lang."

Back in harness, Lolit reports that while in L.A. (where Rosanna Roces, Ai-Ai
delas Alas, etc.) did a show), Ai-Ai not only was courted by a lesbian but
also got a marriage proposal from a handsome Cuban named Diego.

"The guy fell in love with Ai-Ai at first sight," said Lolit, "at wala siyang
pakialam kung may mga anak na si Ai-Ai who brought along her daughter Sofia. Of
course, Ai-Ai didn't take Diego's marriage proposal seriously."

In L.A., Lolit and company (including Abante's Jerry Olea) met up with Ruffa
Gutierrez who treated them to sumptuous dinners in two different restaurants.
They also saw Anjanette Abayari in the flesh and found out that, contrary to
rumors, she isn't pregnant "but even slimmer than she was when she was in
Manila" before the unfortunate Guam incident. Anjanette also denied reports
(one of them in this corner) that she has broken up with David Bunevacz and is
now going steady with Mr. Asia-Universe Jay Gabat ("But I've seen him only
once," protested Anjanette, "and it was during his coronation where I was one
of the guests.")

What's up?

* Act Now Corporation's summer acting workshop, with stage actor Jaime Blanch
as head teacher, is open to children six to 18 years old. Classes will begin at
the Colegio de San Agustin on April 10 (will last until May 20). For
particulars, call 844-41-95, 843-99-98 (local 402) or 727-64-72.

* Pablo S. Gomez is back on radio via DZRH's Ito Ang Palad Ko produced by Jun
Soler and wife Raquel Montesa for VG Productions, aired 1:30 to 2 p.m. Monday
through Saturday.

* The JASHS 50th alumni anniversary will be held on April 29 at the Jose Abad
Santos High School quadrangle, with Brig. Gen. Francisco Dumpit as over-all
chairman and Pablo S. Gomez in-charge of etertainment. Also spearheading the
affair are Goerge Canseco and Judge Lilia Lopez.

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