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PLDT myDSL Plan 990 upgrades promise more Internet fun

MANILA, Philippines - Remember how Anna Banana conquered the cyber world by storm? Here’s the latest news from PLDT MyDSL that is guaranteed to be similar to what the Anna Banana campaign was able to accomplish.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your PLDT MyDSL Plan 990 subscriptions than today. If you do, you can experience a speed bump from 384kbps to 1Mbps, which is three times faster than what you’re normally used to. It means more surfing on multiple windows, downloading music and now being able to handle large e-mails.

Setting aside an extra P300 monthly, equivalent to P10 a day, will allow you to experience higher Internet capabilities than ever before. What’s more is upgrading comes with advantages like coming home with a free WiFi modem, saving you P1,200 in costs, and getting an entire year’s worth of PLDT to PLDT unlimited NDD nationwide calls free.

For eligible Plan 990 subscribers, upgrading to faster speeds is even made easy. Once you’ve given the go-signal, charges will appear on your next bill to do away with the usual formalities of putting cash out and presenting documents.

With the upgraded speeds, PLDT myDSL is your reliable partner in continuously providing the strongest connections at home.

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