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A Safe House for Ryan

Ryan Reynolds in a scene from the spy thriller

MANILA, Philippines - Ryan Reynolds is the perfect guy as Matt Weston in Safe House, producer Scott Stuber recalls, “We had to be certain that the actor opposite Denzel Washington would be ready. I’ve known Ryan for a long time and was sure that he would step up to that challenge. More importantly, he wanted such a challenge.”

Reynolds explains his interest in joining the team, “First and foremost, I was riveted by the story. It was also an opportunity to work with Daniel, who is an unusual and unpredictable filmmaker. He is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with, or even met before. He’s this incredibly wise, intuitive, intellectual thug. It’s a weird combination that gives him this incredible street sense.” 

The actor found the duality of Weston’s life — the housekeeper’s cover is that he is a health worker — compelling. He says, “I was fascinated by the fact that my character lives a complete lie. He’s lying to himself and wraps himself up in the flag. There’s a lot of hubris involved. He feels what he’s doing is righteous, and yet, there’s a dark, seedy underbelly to what he does — not the least of which is the fact that he lies to everyone he loves, and that takes its toll. He’s beaten up from this.”

(Released and distributed by Limited International Pictures through Solar entertainment Corp., Safe House opens today nationwide.)

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