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Business ideas in Life & Style

MANILA, Philippines - Last 2011 was not a lucky year to some businessmen and as a new Chinese year starts, so are the hopes that 2012 will be a better one.

In today’s Life & Style with Gandang Ricky Reyes at 11 a.m. on GMA News TV, different business ideas for viewers will be featured. 

“To make good in any business, the formula is acumen, perseverance, hard work and positive attitude. One must also be happy in what he does and avoid stressful activities as a sound body produces a sound mind,” says beauty guru and LSWGRR host Reyes.

There will be informative features on beauty, online and family businesses as well as small-scale ones that middleclass entrepreneurs can indulge in. Mother Ricky offers suggestions on where to go to secure financial assistance and who to consult before opening your own enterprise.

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