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From small screen to big screen

MANILA, Philippines - Glee is now a major motion picture in 3D. Dubbed as Glee: The Concert 3D Movie, the movie is filmed during the recent concert tour of the hit singing teens and revolves around McKinley High School’s singing and dancing Glee Club, a diverse group of charismatic and talented teenagers, all underdogs with high wattage star power. 

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele who play Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry, respectively, take a break to talk about the movie.

What can fans expect from the movie?

Lea:  “The movie is a documentation of our stage performance in which we are singing live and dancing to the popular songs, mainly from the second season of Glee. We are really proud of the movie, I think that fans should definitely expect the heart and the truth of Glee, but live on stage.”

How exciting is it doing the concert when you know it is being filmed for the big screen?

Chris: “I tried to treat the concert that they were shooting for the movie like any other concert. But it was nerve-racking and there was more pressure than usual because they were filming everything. It is challenging to do things live honestly, but there is a great sense of freedom to get out there and have fun  and  just do what you want with it.”

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How thrilling is it performing live on tour?

Lea: “Coming from my theater background, to be back on the live stage is fantastic. It has been thrilling but pretty exhausting.  But I think honestly, and I know it sounds really cheesy, what gets us through it all and what refuels us every night is getting that energy from our audience.”

Chris: “I love doing the concerts. Doing the show is fantastic but I used to do community theater and I definitely miss the instant gratification of a live audience.  So it is great to go out and do the concerts and physically see the fans, the kids that we represent on the show.”

 Glee: The 3D Concert Movie opens Sept. 21 in theaters.

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