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Kapatid network goes real-time news

MANILA, Philippines - True to its commitment to ignite a new kind of firebrand journalism that goes beyond traditional news reporting, News5 rises to the challenge of bringing comprehensive and up-to-the-minute news by launching a massive 360-degree convergence of various multimedia platforms to deliver relevant and real-time news updates to Filipinos nationwide and worldwide.

As TV5’s News and Information organization, News5 breaks boundaries with its non-stop delivery of the latest news on free-to-air TV, on the much-accessible radio FM band, and on the globally available Internet. Barely a year since its launch, News5 has earned the status of being a credible news organization with a dynamic team of news anchors, reporters and correspondents who often gain first-hand access to late-breaking news and exclusive reports that benefit the viewing public.

News5’s launch of its multimedia news platforms presents a series of milestones in the industry. By pioneering the first-ever news/talk station on FM radio with 92.3 NEWS FM Radyo Singko, News5 has proven that the strong synergy of its Central News Desk can generate not only a wider reach for its news reports but also encouraging feedback from listeners and newfound patrons who appreciate the new innovation of having AM radio content on the highly accessible FM band.

Another innovation to be introduced by News5 is the first-ever non-stop news and sports channel on free TV, AksyonTV UHF Channel 41 (Channel 29 in Davao and Cebu). The 24-hour news and sports channel gives Filipinos the privilege of continuously being updated on the latest national and international news and witnessing some of the most talked about sports events even without cable subscription.

News5 also launches its InterAksyon website which will present real-time news writeups and video streaming of news reports for the benefit of Filipinos here and abroad who want to be updated on the latest happenings in the country. More importantly, InterAksyon’s tie-up with vital organizations such Metra (for the most technologically advanced weathercast) and the MMDA (for synchronized traffic updates) will make the website an essential instrument for the Filipinos’ everyday life.

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