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The best Christmas gift I have received

The Yuletide Season is an opportunity for us to recognize people who, in one way or another, have touched our lives. I always associate Christmas with gifts because it is the time of the year when people are very generous to one another that they exert effort to buy gifts for those they love.

When I was young, I would always hope that my mother would give us lavish gifts during Christmas like beautiful dresses, brand-new shoes and toys. Sometimes when Mama had enough money, she bought gifts for us and my sisters would also give me gifts I wish for. All those things gave me temporary happiness. I was only happy when I received those gifts but after a few weeks, I would already forget about the material gift and I would wish for a new one. Perhaps, it was my mentality as a child and I think I was no different from children my age. But when I was already growing up, I had different wishes when Christmas came along. I would pray for good health for my family, for me to finish my studies, have a good job after I graduate and fulfill my dreams. I guess having a different perception of things has also changed what I want in life. It has shifted from a glamorous outlook to a simpler one. I just want to become a better person so that I can help my family in the future.

I know all of us have special wishes this Christmas and we want to receive special gifts during the holiday season. Some may want to have the things they always wanted and wished for like a Blackberry, iPad, laptop or a car. Some may just want to be with the person they love most. I also dream of buying all the things I want but I really do not wish to have those things because I know I can get them if I work really hard. I always pray that and my family and me will have good health. I have experienced being ill and it doesn’t feel good because you are weakened by your ailment. You cannot function well as a person and you do not enjoy the company of your family and friends. This is very important for me because I do not want anyone in my family getting sick. I also wish for peace and understanding among my family members. I know we are not getting any younger so we need to continue to be special gifts to each for us to become happy and intact. I always pray that misunderstandings would lessen and that we learn to value each other every day.

God blessed me with so many things in my life. I got more than what I could ever wish for. I have a loving family who has always been there to support me. I have wonderful friends who have been with me through ups and downs. I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a true beauty queen. I have become a good example to others and I have a mission I need to fulfill to help other people. God is continuously showering me with blessings and He is also giving me the opportunity to be responsible with what I have right now. The Christmas season is about sharing and being a blessing to others.

Feeling the Christmas spirit with Bb. Pilipinas friends

I am really thankful because I am surrounded with wonderful people. I treasure them with all my heart and I know God gave them to me because He loves me so much. As we remember His birth, let us all remember that we are His wonderful creation and we exist here for a purpose. May we see God in the eyes of our neighbors and continue doing good things here on Earth. The best gift we can ever have is the love of God, our family and friends. Their presence would mean more than the expensive gifts we can buy in malls. They are priceless gifts given to us and we are also wonderful blessings to them.

We should always remember that we will not be judged because of what we have but because of what we have done.

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