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Celebrity fun run

MANILA, Philippines - Blue Water Day Spa recently spearheaded a star-studded fun run at the Mall of Asia open grounds to show the importance of exercising and pampering. At the forefront of the successful fun run were Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga, Karylle, JC Tiuseco, Amanda Colley Van Cool, Boom Labrusca, coach Rio dela Cruz and Sam Milby.

Fabio couldn’t contain his excitement over the event, even long after the marathon ended. He was so happy because it was his first time to run a marathon here in the Philippines.

For Daniel, the fun run was a chance for him to prove something to himself. The first time he joined a marathon (12k), Daniel experienced leg cramps because the distance was just too long for him. That’s why he was ecstatic when he crossed the finished line.

To prepare for the marathon, Daniel worked out at the gym several times. He lifted weights and ran on the treadmill. He did football three times a week.

Boom, who did some hosting chores at the meet-and-greet session after the run, also encouraged people to participate more in marathons.

Perhaps the personality who got the most attention that day was Sam, who reportedly finished first among the celebrity participants. He admitted that it was his first time to run a 5k marathon.

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“It’s my first to run a marathon this year. It feels good. But right now, I am starting to feel tired,” he said breaking into a laugh. “I tried to push myself a little more, especially during the last 50 meters, because my companions and I sprinted. It was really tiring, but I didn’t stop. I just kept going.”

The nice thing about the marathon was that it reinforced Sam’s commitment to keeping his body in top shape at all times. Sam promised that he would get back to his strict diet and fitness regimen.

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