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A family-learning activity

Michelle Nikki Junia, singer and early childhood educator, brought home to the country Musikgarten after her long search for a program that will help parents develop their children’s inborn creativity. With Musikgarten, Junia has applied her years of expertise and established an avenue that captivates not only children, but also parents, and reinforces their inclination to music through innovative and educational ways.

Musikgarten is a highly-acclaimed early childhood music and movement program from the US, which utilizes non-traditional and progressive approach to learning. Neurophysicists, child psychologists and music therapists come together to construct a flexible program tailored fit for various ages to boost a child’s innate talent and love for music.

Junia successfully combined music and movements in activities that allow parents and children to slow down, focus on each other and enjoy a close, delightful, and deeply personal relationship.

The carefully-crafted programs include Family Music for Babies (zero to 18 months old), Family Music for Toddlers (one and a half to three years old), and Cycle of Seasons (three to five years old).

Musikgarten’s second semester opens tomorrow, Oct. 16. For details, visit Musikgarten at 162 Edsa cor. Reliance St., Paragon Plaza Bldg., Unit 2A, second floor, Mandaluyong City or call 470-6277 or 0918-9069395.

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