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September flicks on Star Movies

Bruce Willis as agent Tom Greer in the science fiction film Surrogates.

MANILA, Philippines - There’s no better way to spend your Sunday night than chilling out and catching a movie with the whole family. Problem is, Dad wants to see the fast cars and the big guns. Mom prefers a romantic comedy. The kids want an animated comedy before school the next day.

Instead of spending your Sundays doing a tug-of-war for the remote control, Star Movies offers a treat for the whole family this September with Sunday Mega Movies. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a fan of love stories, a kid or kid-at-heart, or a tearjerker softie, you will surely find a movie that’s tailor-fit for you.

For four Sundays of the month, Star Movies will feature a different movie at 9 p.m., starting with Surrogates on Sept. 5. Bruce Willis is an FBI agent living in a perfect world of comfort and convenience thanks to robotic surrogates. That is, until the first murder happens.

On Sept. 12, catch Zach Cregger and Trevore Moore in the comedy Miss March, where the two embark on an epic quest to bring back the girlfriend who has changed from an innocent maiden to a Playboy centerfold.

Manny, Diego and Sid return for another sub-zero adventure in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on Sept. 19. Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Dennis Leary reprise their roles as the motley trio with Queen Latifah joining them as Manny’s expectant mate Ellie.

Spend the last Sunday of the month with Nicholas Cage in Knowing on Sept. 26. As a college professor who finds a time capsule containing accurate disaster predictions, Cage tries to solve the mystery in this race-against-time apocalyptic thriller.

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Catch all of these premiering movies and more international Hollywood blockbusters only on Star Movies.

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