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What is Willie's favorite number? Is it 2, 5 or 7?

MANILA, Philippines - During the campaign for the recent elections, political affiliations were determined by color. You know, either your are orange (for Manny Villar), yellow (for Noynoy Aquino), blue (Mar Roxas), green (Gibo Teodoro) or whatever.

In the TV game, the players are identified by numbers. Thus, if you are 7, you are Kapuso (GMA); if you are 5, you are Kapatid (TV5); or if you are 2, you are Kapamilya (ABS-CBN).

Numbers also mean a lot in the superlotto, a game that everybody (this one included) obsessively dreams to win. Even if you bet on the last number in the “ending” game and you are lucky, you can win a substantial amount.

Like everybody else, I want to win in the super-lotto and get filthy rich overnight.

I know Willie Revillame, “on leave” host of Wowowee, to be good at numbers but I can’t ask him for any “tip” because he has been elusive and incommunicado to the media since he quit in a huff from hosting Wowowee (which, up to now, can’t seem to find the right “temporary” host for the show). Willie must have changed celfone numbers because he doesn’t answer calls nor text back.

I wonder, is Willie secretly playing the “numbers game,” keeping his cards close to his chest?

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I should enter a bet in the “ending game” and ask Willie, even through a string of emissaries, what is the lucky number (read: sure winner).

Is it “2”, “5” or “7”?

Okay, roll the tambyolo!

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