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Filipino counterparts of the Olsen twins in Us Girls

Angel Aquino

MANILA, Philippines - Hollywood child stars-turned business moguls-turned fashion icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have found their match in Manila. Nicole and Camille Tantoco are twin sisters who also boast of impeccable taste and refreshing sense of style. Get to know them more on Studio 23’s Us Girls tonight.

Hosts Angel Aquino, Iya Villania and Megan Young will be in full force as they share their latest discoveries in food and fashion this week. Find out where to find a tuna house, a fried Oreo cookie topped with ice cream or vintage cherry soda as the girls take us to exceptional dining spots for another exciting food adventure.

Gadget lovers will also be full with mouth-watering features on items any tech-savvy person should have. Whether you’re sporty, kikay or a bag-a-holic, find the perfect fashion fix to complement your unique personality.

Get connected with Us Girls through usgirls23.multiply.com.

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