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PSID styles Project Runway RP

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine School of Interior Design Advanced Class of 2009 (PSID AC ‘O9) stepped up to the plate for the second season of Solar Entertainment’s reality show venture, Project Runway Philippines (PRP), the search for the Philippines’ next big Filipino fashion designer.

Following the previous batch of PSID students who worked on Season 1, PSID AC ‘09 styled the PRP reunion show, and proceeded to work on Season 2 at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA).

This year, aside from Solar’s requirements of clean, straight lines, the PSID students were required to incorporate the SoFA vision into the design.

Working with shades of Project Runway blue and sofa pink, the students styled key areas for the show: The work room; the sewing room; the pantry, and the confession room.

Joel Mapue, a student who worked on PRP, says they used neutral colors to marry the pink and blue shades together in one color scheme.

Project Runway Philippines airs Wednesday nights at 10 on etc.

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Catch more of the PSID students’ work at Kontempo-Pilipino, Contemporary Interiors: Indigenous Roots, the graduation exhibit of the Advanced Class of 2008 from Oct. 3 to 31 at the Athena Building, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.

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