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Christmas is family

Not many people bother to send cards these days anymore, or haven’t you noticed? No thanks to texting. I don’t know how you feel about it but I still treasure — and observe — the tradition of sending cards for whatever occasion, most especially Christmas. In turn, I love receiving cards, likewise especially during this season of joy, hope and goodwill.

On this page and the “jump” page, I’m publishing the cards that graphically depict the “family-ness” of Christmas as a loving nod to the senders...including the very first cards I received from non-showbiz friends.

And to other friends who, I’m sure, wanted to also send cards but forgot (grrrr!) or didn’t have the chance to (kayo, ha!... hehehehe!), and to Funfare readers as well, I am sending this two-page “card” as my way of saying, MERRY CHRISTMAS and (let’s hope!) a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

(E-mail reactions at rickylo@philstar.net.ph or at entphilstar@yahoo.com)

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