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Ai-Ai & Gerald: May forever!

Here comes the bride in a gown decked with flowers at the hem, designed by Frederick Peralta (shown at right taking photos). Inset: Ai-Ai delas Alas’ son Sancho Vito delas Alas who gave the bride away with Ai-Ai’s mom, Engr. Justa delas Alas. — Photos by Ricky Lo, Gorgy Rula & Shirley Pizarro

Super yes I do!

Yes, I do!!

Yes, Bishop!!!

And with those, Martina Eileen “Ai-Ai” delas Alas became Mrs. Gerald Sibayan in the eyes of God at probably the most beautiful, the most star-studded and the most feel-good showbiz wedding of the year. The well-heeled guests dressed to the nines welcomed her with a, yes, standing ovation while recording the event on their celfones.

Radiant in a gown trimmed with flowers at the hem (a gift from BFF Marian Rivera), the bride held back tears as she emerged from behind a curtain that covered the entrance of Christ The King Church in Green Meadows, Quezon City, graciously walked down the aisle to Ngayon at Kailanman sung by Martin Nievera, given away by her son Sancho Vito delas Alas and her mom Engr. Justa delas Alas. The groom was escorted by his parents, Gregorio and Linda Sibayan.

“It took me less than three weeks to put the gown together,” said Frederick Peralta. “It fitted perfectly even if she tried it on only once.”

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Half a dozen archbishops (one of them Ai-Ai’s beneficiary) officiated the ceremony along with about a dozen priests (guess how many of them Ai-Ai has supported through seminary). The May-October romance has been religiously monitored by the movie writers and, unlike some showbiz couples who had to hie off to foreign shores, Ai-Ai generously shared details for her fans to lap up. After all, she said, them stars wouldn’t be where they are now if not for the public support. 

Kneeling before the altar dominated by the wall-to-ceiling image of The Risen Christ, Ai-Ai and Gerald were having fun, laughing at perhaps some private jokes.

When the officiating archbishop declared the couple “Man and Wife” and told them to kiss amidst the heart-warming applause that reverberated in the four corners of the church, Ai-Ai and Gerald hugged oh-so-tightly and kissed not once, not twice but thrice.

It’s Ai-Ai’s third marriage (the first two ended unhappily). This time, may forever!





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