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Cool Dad, Cool Mom

Vic ‘Bossing’ Sotto and wife Pauleen Luna at the baby shower sponsored by Japanese stroller brand Aprica

Now into her 33rd week of pregnancy, Pauleen Luna, 28, is pushing for a normal delivery either last week of November or first week of December.

“She’s somewhat heavy,” revealed husband Vic “Bossing” Sotto, 63, to The STAR during a baby shower last Thursday, Oct. 19, sponsored by Japanese brand stroller Aprica. “Her weight is above normal,” without specifying how heavy, medyo mabigat siya and she will gain more weight until she gives birth. It’s not easy carrying that weight.”

The couple has already chosen a name for their baby girl but will reveal it only as soon as the baby is born. When Vic appeared as guest on Jessica Soho’s GMA show in which Vic first admitted that he and Pauleen were having a girl, Jessica promptly asked Vic what the baby’s name was. ”Jessica,” Vic answered, but Jessica at first didn’t get the joke, until Vic added deadpan, “Jessica Sotto.” He will be a father for the fifth time, having sired two boys (Oyo Boy, with ex-wife Dina Bonnevie; and Pasig City Councilor Vico, with ex-girlfriend Coney Reyes); and two girls (Danica, married to basketball star Marc Pingris, with Dina; and Paulina, with Angela Luz).

When Pauleen learned that she was conceiving her and Bossing’s first child last February, one year and one month after their Jan. 30, 2016 wedding, she didn’t recall suffering from morning sickness or some such signs expectant mothers usually experience. She did not infanticipate (paglilihi involving craving usually green mango or sour food that causes acidity and early-morning vomiting).

She continues co-hosting Eat, Bulaga! (and has even gone on vacations abroad with Vic and their Dabarkads).

“After giving birth,” Pauleen said, “I will go on indefinite leave and devote my time to our baby. Vic and I are excited to spend our first Christmas with our baby at home.”

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Excerpts from The STAR’s separate interviews with the couple during the baby shower:






Have you chosen a name for your daughter?

“Yes, we got the name from The Bible. We’d like to wait for the arrival of our little girl first before we announce her name.”

What are your anxieties about being a first-time mom?

“I don’t have much anxieties, really. I’m just excited because it’s my dream to be a mother. As the day comes closer, the more excited I get. I cannot wait to hold our daughter in my arms.”

Kanino ka humihingi ng tips (pieces of advice) on your pregnancy?

“When it comes to tips naman, ang dami kong nakakausap. I have my mom, of course, and my Bulaga co-hosts. I also ask for tips from Danica and Tin (Kristine Hermosa, Oyo’s wife).”

Do you ask tips from Vic (after all, he’s a “veteran” father)?

“No, not really. The last time he had a newborn baby was 26 years ago.”

What kind of mom will you be? Do you plan to raise your daughter the same way you were raised by your mom?

“I think I will be a strict mom but reasonable naman. I really want her values to be intact. In this day and age, it is important for me that she grows up to be a God-fearing, obedient, kind and smart girl.”

Paano kayo nagba-bonding nila Danica, Oyo, Vico at Paulina?

“We normally meet once or twice a month to have dinner and to catch up.”

How many more kids do you plan to have?

“I honestly didn’t have a hard time with this pregnancy. No morning sickness, no cravings. So it makes me excited to have another baby soon, after this one. Hoping for a boy!”

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

“I seriously do not like looking far ahead but if there’s a picture I’d want to see 10 years from now, it would be a photo of my children along with my husband and I having an awesome time with each other.”




You have two sons and two daughters. Wala ka bang preferred gender ng fifth child mo (before Pauleen got pregnant)?

“No preference. OK lang kung boy or girl. My children are all malalambing.”

What kind of father are you?

“I don’t know. Ask them.”

Will your parenting be different this time?

“I never thought of what kind of parenting I did before. I think I would be the same.”

How do you take care of Pauleen?

“I support her in everything, in every aspect…kung ano ang gusto niyang kainin. I always assist her during bedtime.”

Pauleen said that she didn’t have any difficulty conceiving.

“It’s an easy pregnancy pero hindi biro ang magdala ka ng ganoong kabigat (na baby) for nine months.”

How is Pauleen as a wife?

“She’s very caring. She takes care of all my needs. Wife na wife talaga! I’m sure she will even be better as a mom kasi talagang mahilig siya sa bata.”

How many more children do you plan to have?

“It depends on God’s will. Kahit ilan OK sa akin.”

Any (piece of) advice to men your age na magiging tatay uli?

“Everything is normal. Nothing to worry about. Walang dapat ikatakot o ikabahala. Have faith in God and everything will be okay.”

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