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How Robi Domingo prepares to see Gretchen Ho at Star Magic Ball 2017

Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo during happier times. Philstar.com/File

MANILA, Philippines — According to a Star Magic press statement, TV host Gretchen Ho will interview arriving stars at the Star Magic Ball on Saturday night, but if her ex-boyfriend Robi Domingo walks in, would she talk to him?

In events following their breakup early this year, Gretchen and Robi have been caught in awkward moments on video. It can be recalled that their social media posts said they broke up due to their busy schedules.

Robi, in a recent interview with Philstar.com for his now defunct show “I Can Do That!” in March, admitted that he still found it hard to move on from the split.

Has he managed to move on in time to face Gretchen at the Star Magic Ball red carpet?

One thing is for sure: Robi’s “glam squad” is ready for his face-to-face with his ex. Star Magic’s press statement says his makeup will be done by Mabeth Dionisio, while stylist Perry Tabora will have him dress up in a handsome suit by designer Joey Samson.

“As millennials, we’re always expected to succeed in life and therefore, we have to look the part,” Robi said in a recent talk for Watsons Men at the Podium in Ortigas. “Intertwined in that definition of success is looking good and feeling good as well.”

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To look good and feel good “effortlessly,” particularly on special occasions like the Star Magic Ball, Robi advised doing the following:

  • Take a shower at least twice, “sometimes more pa, ‘pag may pinagdadaanan.”
  • Soaps with a cooling effect like Belo Men, said Robi, allows him to be less stressed. He goes to personal care store chains like Watsons’ Men’s Zone for his daily grooming essentials.
  • Listen to Ed Sheeran music, especially “Happier.”
  • Enter the fine manly art of shaving. With a good trusty razor and shaving cream to smoothen each stroke, you will be set to get out there with that put-together look in no time.

“If people expect you to live a better life, best arm yourself to look ideal. If people expect you to be successful, to look good, feel good, be prepared with the right tools,” Robi advised.

Millennials like him, he said, are often described as “selfish,” but he thinks otherwise.

“ As millennials, lagi tayong may pinagdadaanan and we demand stuff because we feel entitled to everything,” he pondered.

“I think millennials are great! Because information is at hand. Before, para sa mga filennials (feeling millennials), abot-tanaw ang success. Now, for us millennials, everything is possible, abot-kamay na. The best thing about this age is lahat pwede nang mangyari. If we want something, we can go get it. That is success for me. My parents once told me that we can be successful as long as we put our hearts into it. Eto ‘yung generation na nagpapakita ng aura of success.”

What about success in love? Would Robi and Gretchen’s Star Magic Ball meeting spark a second chance?

“Kung gusto may paraan,” Robi said. “Kung gustong-gusto, paparaanan – except love. Let’s not talk about that one!”

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